Guest Blog Policy

(read the whole thing if you intend to submit)

As of 11/8/2012 we will be accepting guest blogs on this site from fellow bloggers and fellow writers who possess a blog of their own and are willing to include a link from their blog to the post in question. We will accept the following blog types:

  • Short short fantasy stories: basically a brief piece of fantasy fiction under 1000 words in length.
  • Fantasy ravings: basically a brief piece under 1000 words on any subject related to fantasy—it could be a meandering post about a monster mishmash, like the infamous vampire dragon, or just about anything else
  • Fantasy writing: basically a brief piece under 1000 words on any subject related to the writing process, either fantasy writing specifically, or general writing in, well, general.

We are currently NOT looking for book reviews or movie reviews written by third parties at this time.


Please query first with a brief e-mail listing name, contact info (including a link to your blog-site), and your desired fantasy-related topic. Send e-mails to mryan_author (at) and include “Guest Post” in the subject of the e-mail.


We will notify you if we accept your proposal, and, in such a case, please send your reply to the same address as above including the following:

  • Your blog post
  • A brief bio
  • Any and all contact information about yourself you wish to share on the web.


Editing Policy for Guest Blogs

I will read over every post that is accepted once and only once. If I see an obvious typo I will correct it; otherwise, everything will be posted as is. I reserve the right to disqualify any post I care to for any reason at all: poor grammar, poor spelling, an over-used topic, an uninteresting story, or anything else. Be warned.

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