Concerning this Site and Adult Material

I feel obliged to comment on something I’ve noticed. I am an author of fantasy literature and, as such, need to get word of my book, Drasmyr, out through blog tours and what have you and I am suffering from a problem. I write about vampires. However, as I am a fantasy author, my primary audiences are young adults between the ages of 13 and 17 and adult fantasy buffs. I don’t write erotica, but a lot of vampire literature that is out there these days is of the erotic sort. There has always been a connection between sexuality and vampires. Vampires are often portrayed as dark seducers and seductresses. Many people consider Bram Stoker’s work Dracula to be a critique of sexual repression in Victorian England, or something like that. I’m sure you can look at it that way, but I tend not to.


For myself, I prefer to view the vampire as primarily a creature of horror. I look at a vampire’s sexuality as one of the avenues it has open to it to ensnare a human being, not as a basis for a fulfilling romance, or an erotic escapade. No, to me, its only purpose is to serve as a path to damnation. Other writers have different viewpoints; that’s fine. But I have two basic target audiences for my work: young adults and adult fantasy buffs—not surprisingly, I am somewhat concerned with the young adult audience. With respect to my book, Drasmyr, I wouldn’t recommend it to children under the age of 13 (there is a warning in the book (not for sex, but for violence and other strong themes)), so we’re talking 13 to 17 years old here. I would like to keep this web-site viable for a similar age group. Yeah, I know, most 13 year-olds today probably know more about sex than I do, but I am still uncomfortable linking to adult-oriented sites from my site, opening such an easy avenue for them, even if it is just an advertisement for some steamy vampire-romance novel.


For a while, I was considering not linking to such sites at all, but I am coming to the conclusion that that is not practical. Erotic literature (particularly vampire erotic literature) is so prevalent that it is almost impossible to find sites that don’t review or deal with erotic literature in some way or fashion and trying to impose that requirement on the blog tour companies I deal with would be burdensome, at best. So, bearing that in mind, I will continue linking to such sites without interruption via blog tours and what-have-you, provided said sites deal with other subject matters besides (but not excluding) erotica and they have the understanding that I don’t write erotica (there has been some confusion on this point). However, I will make the effort to avoid strictly adult-oriented sites, since such a link would not serve my site well or theirs. With respect to material posted on this site itself, I intend to make sure everything is (by my determination) PG-13 or lower. This includes both my posts and guest posts. However, I can make no assurances for any link on this site that takes you off this site.


This applies to comments as well. If you find an offensive comment on this site, let me know.

Email me at mryan_author (at)


So, to sum up:

This site = PG-13.

External links = anything but pure adult-oriented sites.


I think that’s the best I can do.

6 responses to “Concerning this Site and Adult Material”

  1. outdoor furniture says :

    Will you be capable to information myself to your webmaster or even the person that takes care of your website, I have to know if it would be simple to be described as a guests poster.

  2. ThreadingFate says :

    You present an interesting take on vampires, one that is very similar to mine and steadily becoming dissimilar with the general public. While I always saw Stoker’s “Dracula” as a dark romance, the concept of sex only truly enters the equation in two segments: the ravaging of Lucy and the seduction of Harker by the sisters. In both sections, these incidents are reflected upon with true horror.

    If you don’t mind me leaving a link, I have an article that I wrote regarding this topic on my blog:

    You and your readership may enjoy it.

  3. meganorlowskirussell says :

    The rating issue is always hard to deal with. But hopefully the thirteenyear olds parents will also help steer them away from inappropriate sites.

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