Old Movie Review: The Factory (2012)

Old Movie Review: The Factory


“The Factory” is a crime/action/thriller inspired by true events and starring John Cusack and Jennifer Carpenter. The IMDB rating gives the movie 5.4 stars out of 10, which I think is absurd. This is a really good movie, with a killer twist. Of course, it is based on true accounts, supposedly, and truth is often stranger than fiction, or so they say. Regardless, I heartily disagree with the IMDB rating.


Anyway, John Cusack plays the main character, detective Mike Fletcher, a rough and tumble cop, and Jennifer Carpenter plays his partner, Kelsey Walker. Together they are investigating a series of disappearances. They suspect a serial killer, but have no bodies, only missing person reports. But the catch is (and the killers mo), all the victims are prostitutes. As a result, there’s hardly an outcry to solve the case; in fact, detective Fletcher is under some pressure to wrap it up and let it go. But he’s not willing to let it go. He’s hell bent on finding out what’s happened to these women and no one’s going to stop him.


Then, the unthinkable happens. Mike’s teenage daughter, Abby, goes missing. At the time of her disappearance, she is roaming the streets and dressed, as some teenage girls are wont to do, in rather scanty ill-concealing clothes. Mike fears the worst, and soon the evidence begins to mount that his fears are justified. Now he’s on the case of his own daughter’s disappearance, and he’s running out of time.


Strengths: well, the movie held together well; it was easy enough to follow. The acting was fine and the plot was engaging. And, like I said, there was a killer twist. Maybe saying that much gives away too much. But it’s worth watching just to see the twist. I saw it with two other people, and none of us saw it coming. And when they did the flashback sequence to “explain” it, they did drop plenty of hints throughout the movie, nothing too obtrusive, but lots of small things that when taken together came together well. Weaknesses: well, there was one strange sequence which didn’t make sense at first, but was explained by the end. So, perhaps that’s not a weakness. Also, there were a few cases of weak dialogue, but not a lot. Of course, all that said and done, it is kind of disconcerting that it was inspired by true events.


Anyway, as a piece of pure art, I’ll give it four stars out of five.

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