Reminder: Drasmyr Available In Print on

Yep, I did it; I took the plunge. My dark fantasy novel, Drasmyr, is now available as a hardcover book on for $24.99. It makes a great gift for yourself or others, particularly for those who want a physical copy of what previously was only available as an ebook. Get your copy today!

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About atoasttodragons

The author, Matthew D. Ryan, lives in northern New York on the shores of Lake Champlain, one of the largest lakes in the continental United States, famous for the Battle of Plattsburgh and the ever-elusive Lake Champlain Monster, a beastie more commonly referred to as Champy. Matthew has studied philosophy, mathematics, and computer science in the academic world. He has earned a black belt in martial arts.

3 responses to “Reminder: Drasmyr Available In Print on”

  1. Ultramyth says :

    What has your experience of Lulu been? I used it getting on seven or eight years ago, but have no idea what it is like now. Do you recommend it?

    • atoasttodragons says :

      It’s much better than an earlier experience I had with CreateSpace (BookSurge at the time). The only costs involved in publication are the actual printing of the book. You upload what you want, and then print a copy out to proof. If it’s good, go with that; else, revise and proof again. Unless you get carried away proofing, it should cost less than $100 in total. However, because it’s a POD, the list price of books are not always very competitive. I wanted to do a paperback version of my book, but that would have cost around $20 for the consumer, which is about twice of mass market. The hardcover version is a little bit better (my book is $25 for a 300 page book… almost reasonable). In the end, Lulu is probably one of the better POD companies out there, but it is hard to overcome the deficienceis that come with POD publishing.

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