Drasmyr Available In Print on Lulu.com

Yep, I did it; I took the plunge. My dark fantasy novel, Drasmyr, is now available as a hardcover book on Lulu.com for $24.99. It makes a great gift for yourself or others, particularly for those who want a physical copy of what previously was only available as an ebook. Get your copy today!

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About atoasttodragons

The author, Matthew D. Ryan, lives in northern New York on the shores of Lake Champlain, one of the largest lakes in the continental United States, famous for the Battle of Plattsburgh and the ever-elusive Lake Champlain Monster, a beastie more commonly referred to as Champy. Matthew has studied philosophy, mathematics, and computer science in the academic world. He has earned a black belt in martial arts.

5 responses to “Drasmyr Available In Print on Lulu.com”

  1. Paul Smith says :

    Hey man. I’m curious how you found the print-version self publishing process on Lulu? I didn’t even realise they offered such a service.

    I’ve recently ben through it myself on Createspace. I would say in hindsight that, if you know what you’re doing, they’re process is fairly straightforward. My being a newbie however (and not enamoured of reading endless guides and help pages), I ended up falling down a variety of (rather large) holes. Formatting in particular will continue to give me nightmares for some time to come (particularly when I had to redo it all again for KDP).

    Just interested how you found it.

    • atoasttodragons says :

      Like you, I found formatting to be the biggest issue. Then, always finding a significant mistake on every review. I used Createspace once for another book (a nonfiction one)–actually it was called Booksurge at the time. The really positive thing about Lulu is that you can do the whole thing for free except for actually printed versions of your book. I spent about $200 total and that’s only because I was getting double copies of the book for review (1 for my sister)–if I was doing single copies, I probably could have spent less than $100. Lulu has other services you can tack onto it, but they aren’t mandatory. Createspace, if I recall, starts with a baseline of like $700 or so. I may yet use Createspace to do a paperback because I might be able to get the list price down to around $12 (A Lulu paperback of Drasmyr would be much higher–around $20 for the consumer, I think–have to double check that.) Anyway, I just remember Createspace offered really good consumer prices for paperbacks … but I just don’t have $700 or so handy.

      • Paul Smith says :

        I’m wondering now whether I’ve missed something but the only charge I incurred going through Createspace was $25 towards entry into their expanded distribution option (I think it means libraries etc can order my book if they want to). Either that or they’ve updated their service, in light of the competition now out there.

        That said, I didn’t plumb for any of their marketing options, which I think came in at around $250+ depending on what sort of help you wanted. I’m intrigued by the other services you mention for Lulu, I’ll have to go check them out.

        Their list pricing is unfortunately quite high though (sorry to burst that bubble), I think mine came out at around $25 for the paperback. I must admit I didn’t look too closely at what was on offer, just plumbed for the option touted as being the most versatile, working the widest number of distribution channels they offer. And I only did the paperback as an aside, the e-edition being my main aim. Just seemed silly not to go for it, given the option was there.

        Thanks for the Lulu tip, good luck with the physical book release.

      • atoasttodragons says :

        Thanks. $25 list price for a paperback at Createspace? I could have sworn the way I had it figured it was much lower. Oh well, I’ve got the hardcover version, for which $25 is reasonable.

      • Paul Smith says :

        Yeah, $25 is very reasonable for a hardback 🙂 No worries man.

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