Old Movie Review: I, Robot (2004)

“I, Robot,” starring Will Smith, is a movie based on a novel by Isaac Asimov. I’ve never read the novel, but the movie almost makes me want to. Although, perhaps the ending is now spoiled.


The movie is set in Chicago in the year 2035. Will Smith plays Detective Spooner, a Chicago cop with a prejudice against robots. He is called in to investigate the “suicide” of Doctor Lanning, a famous and brilliant scientist in the employ of U.S. Robotics, the largest robotic company in the world. As he investigates, he begins to suspect that this is not just a simple suicide. Something far more insidious is going on.


This is definitely an enjoyable movie. It is filled with suspense and intrigue. The clues are well-placed and well thought out. Everything flows from one scene to the next. I don’t think there are any major flaws in terms of technology or anything like that (Asimov was one of the best Sci-Fi writers). Detective Spooner’s aversion to robots is explained in a realistic way and proves to be quite prophetic by the end of the movie.


Again, since this movie relies partly on the aura of mystery, I won’t divulge any more of the storyline. I’ll only say that it is worth seeing, but it does lose some of its charm after you’ve seen it as many times as I have. I know that makes this a short review, but, oh, well.


Overall, I’ll give it four out of five stars.

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The author, Matthew D. Ryan, lives in northern New York on the shores of Lake Champlain, one of the largest lakes in the continental United States, famous for the Battle of Plattsburgh and the ever-elusive Lake Champlain Monster, a beastie more commonly referred to as Champy. Matthew has studied philosophy, mathematics, and computer science in the academic world. He has earned a black belt in martial arts.

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