Movie Review: Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (2012)

Werewolves and vampires are popular these days (as witnessed by this blog and my book, Drasmyr). “Werewolf: The Beast Among Us” is a made-for-DVD movie about a werewolf terrorizing a small 19th-century village. A couple friends and I rented this film for a kind of pre-Halloween werewolf flick-night. It stars Guy Wilson as the main character, a young surgeon-in-training named Daniel who also has a penchant for drawing and blacksmithing (he’s a talented young lad). It also stars Stephen Rea (they guy who played the detective in “V for Vendetta and also starred in the latest “Underworld” movie), although his is a minor role.


In the film, Daniel and his village are desperate to stop the predations of the hideous beast. They hire a group of werewolf hunters, who will hopefully solve their problem. Soon, however, they learn that this werewolf is unlike any other: It was born a werewolf, not transformed by a bite. So, it is stronger and smarter than the rest of its brethren and it has the potential to learn how to shape-shift at will. Danielle, of course, wants to join the hunters, but he is turned down initially. Eventually, though, the leader of the hunters, Charles, accepts his help and they assign a few small tasks to Danielle—mostly procuring bait and what-have-you. Then, the hunt begins. I’ll leave the rest of the plot a mystery, so you can enjoy it yourself.


Overall, the film was entertaining. It was better than a lot of werewolf movies I’ve seen (not that I’ve seen too many—it just seems way too easy to make a bad werewolf movie). The special effects were okay, though not exceptional. The plot was interesting, but some of the developments seemed forced. There were gypsies in the movie, and they were only there because it was a werewolf movie. They had the one vital clue, and that was about it. And their costumes pretty much blended with the rest of the town—very non-distinctive. There was a romantic element to the film, but one which left a very large unresolved problem by the time it wrapped up. The film also used a number of elements “lifted” from other werewolf movies I’ve seen. Most particularly, it took a few elements from the remake of “The Wolfman” that came out a couple years ago.


Overall I’ll give this film three stars out of five. If you want to see a really good werewolf movie, I’d recommend the aforementioned remake of “The Wolfman.” Still, this movie was worth seeing. Good for Halloween.

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The author, Matthew D. Ryan, lives in northern New York on the shores of Lake Champlain, one of the largest lakes in the continental United States, famous for the Battle of Plattsburgh and the ever-elusive Lake Champlain Monster, a beastie more commonly referred to as Champy. Matthew has studied philosophy, mathematics, and computer science in the academic world. He has earned a black belt in martial arts.

6 responses to “Movie Review: Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (2012)”

  1. TBM says :

    I have to admit that I haven’t seen too many werewolf movies. This one sounds intriguing. Love the cover of your novel!!!!

    • atoasttodragons says :

      Thanks. Like I said, the movie wasn’t bad, but I still think the best werewolf movie out there these days is the remake of the Wolfman. That had everything: great lighting, compelling story… only flaw was a somewhat cheesy werewolf battle, but other than that, it was great.

  2. animenerd0 says :

    Hey, Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. You definitely have good taste in fiction. I was obsessed with Vampires before the Twilight phenomena. I even did my final Grade 12 essay on Dracula and it helped me get acceptance into my University. I am gonna check out your novel as I am itching to read a good vampire novel again.

    • atoasttodragons says :

      Dracula is a great novel. I’ve read it several times; I always thought it was kind of tame by modern standards, but I read it recently and thought it was great. I guess my tastes have matured.

  3. AhhhhQuaMan says :

    I was not expecting the world, but after I heard a few guys in my office at DISH talking about Werewolf Beast Among Us I was certainly expecting more then what I got. We rented it from Blockbuster at Home through DISH and honestly I just could not get into the film. There really was nothing special about their special effects. The monstrous creature was created with so much low budget CGI I that he was more cartoonish then scary. I will admit the plot was a bit interesting, but without a horrifying monster I really had no motivation to finish the film. After a good thirty minutes I took it to the Blockbuster store up the street for a free exchange. I only watch one movie a week and I am happy I didn’t have to put it off until I got another DVD in the mail because of Werewolf Beast Among Us.

    • atoasttodragons says :

      I agree that the special effects could have been better. But I thought, overall, it was kind of interesting… not spectacular, but interesting. Like I said, the best werewolf movie I’ve ever seen is the remake of “The Wolfman,” followed closely by “The Howling V.” I haven’t seen “The Howling V” in years, and maybe I’m thinking of the wrong movie, but I’m sure it was a Howling movie and it was set in a castle. Of course, I was in high school when I saw it, so who knows how it holds up to the passage of time. And as it’s from the 80’s, the special effects, I’m sure, are pretty lame. Regardless, I thought it was a cool movie when I saw it. This one… I think you have to be in the right mood for; and I was.

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