Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman

I was a little slow getting to see The Amazing Spiderman movie; I didn’t get around to it until Monday night. It’s not that I have anything against the Spiderman franchise—in fact, I was very fond of Spiderman I and Spiderman II with Tobey Maguire. The fact that they were changing actors, and altering the character somewhat, made me a little more apathetic toward this latest installment. Plus, the fiasco that was Spiderman III also stood as an obstacle to me seeing it. So, it became a I’ll-see-it-if-I’m-in-the-right-mood movie.


Well, the right mood eventually came along and I saw it. And I was kind of disappointed. Although it may have been better than the Spiderman III film with Tobey Maguire, it fell far short of Spiderman I and Spiderman II. First off, I think they spent too much time on the development of the backstory; I mean, it must have been forty-five minutes or so before Peter Parker was even bitten by the spider. They went through a lot of stuff that was just echoes of what we’d already seen in Spiderman I. They changed a few things here and there, like the scenario that led up to Uncle Ben being shot, but not enough to give the film the much needed extra juice. The film was long, I think around two and a quarter hours, and a lot of that could have been cut without losing contiguity.


They also changed the character; they made him more in line with the original comic book character. Gone are the organic web shooters that were in “Maguire’s” wrists. They went back to the Peter Parker designed mechanical web shooters. That wasn’t a flaw, or anything, it just means they were starting over from scratch. And in that light, I think the movie came out too soon. The Tobey Maguire films are too fresh in my mind. I’m sure little kids (the real target audience) won’t mind, because many of them won’t see the previous films, but it is kind of annoying to me, if for no other reason than that I was just too familiar with the character development. There just wasn’t anything new. They also replaced Mary Jane with another one of Peter Parker’s girlfriends. Again, not really an issue, but I had it set in my head (no doubt from Spiderman I), that Peter had known MJ for quite some time. And in this movie, she never made an appearance. Again, that might have been less of an issue if I were to see this movie, say, five years from now, instead of now.


Anyway, I’ll give it a whole two and a half out of five stars. I thought it dragged and it just did not deliver.

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